Day 13 – Your mode of transportation

for about six years, i didn’t have a car. i took the bus all over minneapolis/st. paul, and even sometimes to the suburbs. or i’d borrow a friend and their car. i made do. but then i got a job in the ‘burbs and a car became more of a necessity. i drove my sister-in-law’s car into the ground while she and my brother have moved to taiwan indefinitely. after a while, i began every day worrying the the car would explode in the middle of the highway or just fall into a million pieces at a stop sign.

enter lynda carter.

Picture 2

she wasn’t new when i bought her back in july, but she had only had one previous owner and about 27,000 miles. she has a sunroof. she has a port for my ipod. and it’s a wonder that i can afford the new car and insurance payments.

Picture 5

we’re going places, me and her.

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