Day 12 – What’s in your bag

what will this reveal about my soul? i dunno.

This is my bag.

the strap of my bag broke as i entered the subway in boston, we were heading back to the airport to come home. that was early september. i haven’t found a suitable new bag yet.

  • (note that there is a pocket for my silly phone in the purse, but my phone is out on my desk at the moment)
  • (i would also usually have a pack of gum, but it’s in my car right now)
  • kodak easyshare m320 camera
  • “i voted” sticker
  • chapstick (strawberry)
  • dental floss (mint)
  • bobby pins
  • elastic hair ties
  • cat fur (as ampersand likes to dig for and steal my elastic hair ties)
  • items for special lady times
  • a bead from an earring that apparently broke in my bag
  • nail file
  • hand lotion
  • green highlighter with post-it notes
  • black sharpie
  • blue gel pen
  • black ball point pen
  • eye drops
  • my name badge that gets me into my office, attached to a mapquest lanyard and the key to my desk (is that a security risk, telling you all of this?)
  • coin purse with a bunch of pennies and other coins that i don’t feel like counting, i’ll estimate it to be about $1.34
  • ipod nano (original)
  • generic ear buds
  • a carabiner with keys to my house, my car, and my sister’s house – oh, and a usb drive i never use
  • kleenex travel pack
  • printed coupons for free birthday stuff (caribou coffee and aveda)
  • fancy post-it travel pack with a tiny pen
  • I should use these
  • small, red hard-cover notebook with a pen (the most important note scribbled within is that i need to buy some “apothic red” wine, i tried it at a coffee shop one night and went back for more, it was so delish) (i also wrote down a list of all of the states i’ve visited, i’m at 27!)
  • my wallet:
    • bonus club punch card from needlework unlimited
    • starbucks gift card
    • 2 target gift cards
    • giftcard for forever 21
    • clinic prescription refill procedures
    • roadside assistance information card
    • naughty credit card
    • receipt of deposit from my bank
    • a tiny bit of cash, which i’ll use to go roller skating tonight
    • more coupons to use at aveda
    • necessary insurance cards
    • under-utilized business cards
    • business cards from various business around the twin cities
    • so many mostly worthless reward club cards (petsmart, famous footwear, new york & co, dunn brothers, morrie’s, panera, borders, rainbow, aveda)
    • debit card
    • membership cards (bally’s [though i quit so i should take this out], mpr, minneapolis public libraries)
    • my blood donor card (much like my preferred attitude: b positive)
    • identification cards (umn, driver’s license that i seriously need to get updated)
    • receipt from my old chicago beer tour account, apparently i’ve lost my card or something (18 more beers ’til i complete the whole tour, i’ve only been working on it for 8 years or something)

that was an exciting way to kill some time!

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