Dancing Cares Away

I am really distracted at the moment. I want to dance and sing and have some fun!

I watched “The King and I” for the first time tonight. Amusing, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Also, I uploaded some more photos tonight! Basically, last weekend Kristi convinced me to go out and have a wholesome night dancing at The Front. It was lovely and I would definitely return at a moment’s notice – too bad they don’t open until 10pm. But the dancing was beautiful. And then it was a beautiful October weekend. I can’t believe we’re not covered with snow by now! Amazing.

And I am sneezing right now. But here are some photos:

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My sister and I are leaving for Boston, Massachusetts at 7am on Thursday morning! I AM SO EXCITED! We are not coming back to Minneapolis until we have forgotten all our troubles (aka Monday afternoon – in time for class, we’re so good).

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