Boston: a rough guide

Okay, so I had a great time in Boston. Unfortunately I took almost 300 photos (including 30 seconds or less videos) and it is an incredible ordeal getting them uploaded, let alone getting the template all worked out. So. I’m working on it. I hope it’s worth the wait.

Here’s a brief outline:
– Left Minneapolis around 7AM.
– Arrived in Boston around 1PM (Eastern US timezone)
– Was starving, enjoyed clam chowdah in Cambridge, near Harvard University
– Tromped around Harvard’s campus
– Napped/showered at Lynn’s home
– Dinner at the Meat Faucet (aka Midwest Grille)
– Night-cap at Bukowski’s

– Got lost in the general direction of the Cape
– Bought Lynn a map of Massachusetts
– Arrived in Fall River for a tour of the Lizzie Borden house
– Got spooked
– Late lunch/early dinner at the Blarney Stone (not much was Irish, however)
– Much crazy driving around/near downtown Boston and MIT and I took photos I can barely identify
– Drinking and Crepe eating while watching Law & Order at Lynn’s home

– Karyn got very, disgustingly, violently ill in the early AM
– Lynn and I woke up before Karyn and headed to Whole Foods for breakfast materials
– I helped Lynn prepare Fig Jam! Very exciting new way to do things, homemade-like.
– Karyn was hungover, but ate breakfast with us
– Karyn returned to bed. Hah!
– Lynn and I drove up to York Beach in Maine (stopped at a highway liquor store and sweeps! dealer in New Hampshire) and tromped through the ocean
– We had a moment of zen on a rocky out-cropping near a lighthouse with a funny name that I don’t remember at the moment
– We headed back for dinner in Boston
– Karyn ordered two boiled, whole lobsters and it was a grisly display
– I stuck with stuffed shrimp
– More Law & Order watching at Lynn’s home
– Insert unnecessary moment of sister drama and going to bed early

– Tensions are high, but we three went to lunch at an Indian buffet near Harvard
– Karyn and Lynn were feeling the sleepy Sunday vibe, but I had too much energy. They dropped me off at the Museum of Science.
– I explored for several hours, took way too many photos, and enjoyed people watching. I met R2-D2, some Storm Troopers, the Amish, and “Brick Top” from Snatch (unconfirmed and unphotographed, but I swear!).
– I goofed around down by a river that divides Boston and Cambridge. Made a bird friend.
– I visited a fancy “galleria” (in Minneapolis we call them “malls”) and was disappointed by the lack of useless junk that I wanted to buy.
– Lynn and Karyn picked me up
– Movie/more Law & Order watching back at Lynn’s home

– Prepared to leave around 10AM
– Stopped at a Somerville bakery for breakfast munchies
– Lynn dropped us off at Logan airport
– Karyn and I flew home
– It was nice to be back, would have been nicer if I hadn’t had to go to class a couple hours later to watch “Singing in the Rain” (though I do so love Gene Kelly) and take a midterm.

– Work!

– Work!
– Ooh, housecleaning!

The Future Weekend
– My pals, Kelsey and Christina are visiting all weekend.
– Thursday: Liz Phair concert at First Avenue, also a Plastic Chord show at 10pm at Big V’s in St. Paul.
– Friday: preparation and general running around for that evening’s bash: Ellie’s birthday/departure and Halloween! What will I dress as?
– Saturday and beyond: Only time can tell!

All of this entry, and photos are still uploading. It might take forever, my darlings. I’ll let you know when they’re up and ready as soon as I can!

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