Computing Woes

My Desk at Work

I knew my Mac at work was older, but in the year that I’ve been using it I thought it was a Mac Pro. Today I actually looked at it and found that it’s a PowerMac G5 (these machines were discontinued in 2006), which means it doesn’t have an Intel processor. This is a huge bummer for me, because I had made requests to get it all upgraded and snazzy—I went from Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) to Leopard (Mac OS 10.5), and I was in the process of getting Parallels Desktop installed so I could run Windows on my Mac (which would mean that I wouldn’t need my Dell laptop).

Last Friday my coworker, David, received a monitor upgrade that he had requested (from a 19″ widescreen to a 24″ widescreen), so I hooked up his extra monitor to my Mac and had two big monitors (my orginal monitor is a 20″ widescreen). I was all excited for Parallels to be installed this week—I could keep Mac in one window, and Windows in the other.

After my initial disappoint with my non-Intel Mac, I thought I could at least hook up the second monitor to the Dell laptop to improve that situation… but then I realized that I would need another keyboard, which would only add to the clutter on my desk. I want to save space, not eliminate it!

This is all just so disappointing. Though it will still be nice to have two monitors for most of my projects, now I’m just feeling awfully self-conscious about people walking by, seeing all of my monitors, and wondering why I need so many. Is it overkill? We’ll see.

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