Somehow I convinced more people to go to the annual Saintly City Cat Show in St. Paul with me this year. Crystal, Jess, Bertine and I were geared up for a day full of fur, fun, and crazy cat ladies.

Here’s one:

crazy cat lady

Here’s another (with her Sphinx!):

lady with Sphinx

happiness is not being touched by a stranger

I know you’re not supposed to go running around, petting all of the cats because they have special judging based on their coat and all, but these hostile signs really amused me all day. This was the best one because of the hearts.

fancy Siberians

collared Persian

kittens for sale

Sometimes you’re allowed to pet the kittens that are for sale, but only if you’re really, truly interested. Even then, you have to use hand sanitizer first.

kitty capes

These tiny capes are awarded to two lucky house cats at the end of the weekend-long event. It’s fun to play dress up with animals!

Silver Tabby

Scottish Fold

Dear ma’am, your Scottish Fold is gigantic. And maybe a little crabby.


I’ve always been proud of how easily I can become someone’s biggest fan. This year I decided to take it up a notch and add in some crazy cat lady — I asked Walter Hutzler, cat show judge extraordinaire, to take a photo with me. He asked me who I was and I told him I didn’t have any cats for show, but I am a cat enthusiast (to say the least)!

me and Walter Hutzler

I am so awesome.

Walter Hutzler

Walter Hutzler with his Best in Show Abyssinian

I admit it: I love Abyssinians.

Crystal, Bertine, me and Jess

Best Cat awards

At the end of the day, King Boreas Rex LXXIX and Queen of the Snows came to cape the King and Queen of the house cats.

Winter Carnival Royalty

angry Queen cat

This is why it’s fun to put clothes on animals.

Queen cat

The King cat was apparently being too fussy to be caped, but he did think it was a good toy.

King cat

After the show, the gals and I went to Dixie’s on Grand for some delicious food. We were the only people in the restaurant because everyone else was at the bar watching some apparently very important football games.

Dixie's on Grand

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