Book-Induced Wanderlust

I have mapped out everything in my life based on what I thought I wanted at eighteen. And to what end? Do you want to know how being ridiculous feels? It’s extraordinary! It gives you the courage to grab a cab and chase down a groom on a runaway horse. It makes you fly to Paris on a whim. It allows you to spend you birthday in Italy with a former Esquire model. And it gets you excited to learn about a plant you’ve never heard of.

Admittedly, I am a slow reader, really only giving myself the opportunity before going to sleep every night. At which point I’m usually worn out enough that I have trouble making it through more than one chapter.

But I’m at the juicy part of this book, Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink by Kim Gruenenfelder. I’m laughing with the main character, I’m obsessively reading multiple chapters, and I’ve even caught myself looking forward to heading to bed a little earlier than normal – it’s getting good, y’all.

I think it’s because I want to be and kind of can identify with the main character, Mel. She’s a bit irrational but she’s just searching for a good partner and a soul-nourishing life. She also happens to do a bit of traveling in the book, which makes me think of all of my previous adventures overseas. And reminds me that I’m long overdue for another!

Thank goodness for books, though. Hopefully I can continue to live vicariously through fiction for a little bit longer, save up some more of my pennies, and afford a really amazing experience with my husband in the near future.

Where’s your next ridiculous adventure going to lead you?

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