A Minnesotan nightmare

@ my 'hood

I forgot to share my snow story!

So, on Monday morning (the big snow dump day) I decided to shovel the sidewalk a little bit before leaving for work. I was working on the stairs around my front door and leading to the mailboxes, when Kristi stepped outside.

“Wow!” she said.

“Yeah, it’s not even a snow emergency yet.” She trudged off through the un-shoveled snow and I continued shoveling for about a minute more. When I turned to open the door to go back inside, I realized that something had gone horribly wrong. Kristi’s habit of locking the door as she leaves finally conquered me and I was locked out of the house: no keys, no cell phone, no hat, etc.

This is when I turned into a crazy woman and I began running as much as I could through the snow, getting hit in the face by drooping snow-covered branches, screaming out Kristi’s name (which I’m sure was not traveling through the snow-fog at all). I am so out of shape.

I finally caught Kristi just as she was about to get onto her bus to go to work. My hair was drenched, my lungs were burning and I wanted to die.

I walked back home with her house key, got inside, called into work and said, “This is Amy. I’m going to be late.”

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