25 Things About Me

I posted these to my Facebook account, and decided I’d share them here, as well.

  1. I was born on Friday the 13th, but maybe you already know this because this is my favorite little thing about myself that I like to tell people.
  2. I think the most beautiful woman ever was Grace Kelly, and the most beautiful man ever was Clark Gable (Gene Kelly is a close second).
  3. I built my first website in 1994 or 1995 and it was lime green text on a black background. What I wouldn’t give for a screen shot…
  4. I used to own 30–40+ Nine Inch Nails CDs (and lots of other swag). I went through a fit of cleaning and growing up a couple years ago and sold most things on eBay. I kept my deteriorating teeth & salt trail t-shirt.
  5. At one time I had 12 holes in my ears, but about a year ago I went to a dentist who made me remove all of my earrings for an x-ray. I only kept 8 of the holes even though I had a goal of 13. This dream will probably never be fulfilled.
  6. I probably watched the Exorcist I and III (II was really awful) over 50 times throughout high school, but now I can barely watch a stupid horror movie commercial without having nightmares. I blame this all on the Grudge, even though that was a stupid movie, too.
  7. Since I have had an aquarium I have wanted tiny freshwater sharks. What fish do I have? Catfish. Go figure.
  8. I have a giant rubbermaid tote full of Barbies, Kens, and accessories in my storage unit. I bought most of them in high school. Some of them are still in their original packaging.
  9. I spent 3 years in college majoring in German. I spent 1 year (my junior year) majoring in Interior Design. (Which is when I learned most of my crafting skillz.)
  10. My first personal domain was blue-oblivion.org because Fiona Apple was my most favorite musical gal. (She’s still in my top 3.)
  11. After I met Fiona Apple a few years ago at Northrup Auditorium, I called Kelsey, who could barely understand me because I was so hysterically happy. (Kelsey introduced me to her music.)
  12. When I about 8 or 9 years old, my parents were able to score Miss Iowa’s autograph for me at a Hy-Vee convention. She didn’t win Miss America, but I rooted for her all night!
  13. I think it’s safe to say that my parents have dragged me and my siblings to 90% of the existing Hy-Vee Food Stores. (We’ve all worked there at some point.)
  14. I used to frequent the karaoke scene in Minneapolis, most notably on Wednesday nights at Legends. I no longer need alcohol to sing my heart out in front of others (though I do need back up music).
  15. My cats are named Ellipses and Ampersand and I plan to name all future pet cats after grammatical marks. All of my catfish are named Elton (after Elton John) and their original tank mates were Tiny, Bub, and Les. When they passed, I got two algae eaters named Mick (Jagger) and Keith (Richards) and tetras that I named Jack and the Megs (Jack was white with a stripe—get it?). I think these damn catfish will outlive me.
  16. My first legal beer was Killian’s Irish Red at Old Chicago in Uptown. It’s still my favorite (especially during winter).
  17. It is hard for me to eat spaghetti or pizza without covering it with red pepper flakes. In fact, it’s hard for me to eat most things without red pepper flakes.
  18. I took a semester of Italian, but it was difficult to learn a third language after 8 years of a second language. (It was hard enough for me to learn that second language, anyway.) Mi chiamo Amy. Ich spreche deutsch.
  19. I’ve had the same alarm clock for about 15 years.
  20. I was a barista every Sunday for about a year. I only succeeded at creating latte art a couple times, but also only spilled coffee all over myself only once. I quit when I got hired at Pearson VUE.
  21. The toughest trip I ever made was backpacking for 2 (or was it 3?) days through the Black Hills up to Harney Peak. It was also one of the most beautiful.
  22. I spent the first two weeks of 2004 in southern Germany (rang in the new year somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean), and this was probably the best trip I’ve ever made.
  23. I’ll try most foods at least once, but I definitely do not like olives, raisins or cashews.
  24. I loved living at the Black Hills Playhouse for a summer (if only for the bison periodically wandering through camp… and car surfing), but being separated from my family for 3 months was awful.
  25. I’m a quiet person, but I’m willing to talk about almost anything with anyone.

Have you created a similar list? I’d love to read it—please share!

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