well that was fun

  1. drive to sister’s house in st. louis park.
  2. borrow her slightly larger vehicle, drive to edina.
  3. watch craigslist seller disassemble elliptical machine.
  4. load disassembled elliptical machine into vehicle.
  5. drive disassembled elliptical machine home to robbinsdale.
  6. load disassembled elliptical machine into house. leave in middle of living room.
  7. drive vehicle back to sister’s house.
  8. get my vehicle back, go to petsmart. (kitties gotta eat, don’t ya know.)
  9. drive home.
  10. partially reassemble elliptical machine.
  11. pivot partially reassembled elliptical machine down to the basement.
  12. finish reassembling elliptical machine.
  13. read instruction manual on floor, attract kitty to lap.
  14. finish reading instruction manual, pet kitty, reflect on life/zone out for a moment.
  15. try out elliptical machine. it works!
  16. boom, birthday elliptical machine!


i’ll conquer 31 pretty well, i think.

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