Voltage 2011 rockin’ it

i was very excited to attend voltage at first avenue again. my friends in phantom tails played this year!

Rock on #Voltage2011! IMG_3508

i went with my friend, vani, and we arrived a bit fashionably late (does that joke work here?). we wandered the venue in search of a good view, which was very hard to come by. we are short and the place was packed. eventually we found an okay spot behind the a/v board upstairs, which is also behind a glass wall. i snapped a few photos, but there was always someone or something to get in my way. also, from where we stood, we couldn’t really see any clothes.

which is sort of a bummer, since that’s what the evening was all about.


that is sort of what the whole night looked like for us. oh, well! at least we could sort of see and it was actually a bit quieter back there. we also entertained ourselves on twitter. (yes, tweeting at or about each other when we were standing right next to each other…)

IMG_3515 IMG_3521 IMG_3527

eventually i learned to hold my camera high above my head and hope for the best!


fort wilson riot is quite enjoyable. i couldn’t really hear them at all, however.

IMG_3539 IMG_3548 IMG_3550 IMG_3562

me and my arrow is a large band, full of people.

i wish i had some more interesting commentary for you, but honestly, i’m just trying to get these photos shared. yay, blogging! i am not so great at it.

IMG_3571 IMG_3579 IMG_3581

i missed taking photos of communist daughter because i was running around first avenue (more on that in a moment), but pink mink was punk rock in a way that made me wanna be punk rock.

IMG_3588 IMG_3591

so back to entertaining ourselves with twitter and running around first avenue — vani and i both won lipstick from the elixery, which was the official (vegan) lipstick of voltage!


vani chose “aviatrix” and i chose “smitten.” mine is a very nice, light shade — not too heavy or dark, but still provides a little va-va-voom! for, you know, those times when a girl needs a little va-va-voom!

IMG_3605 IMG_3615

apologies for choosing the blurry photo to show it off, but i liked my expression the best in this photo (of the 30 photos i took of myself). but many thanks to elixery for the tweet-n-win opportunity! i had a lot of fun digging through all of the shades and picking out my own to keep! 🙂

while i was downstairs, i also ran into orion (lead of phantom tails and looooongtime friend) (so long, that when he introduced me to his gal, he mentioned that we’ve been friends since the 7th grade) (holy geez, where does the time go?) (my hipster cred for someday when he’s famous: i totally have his first album). i told him they rocked the stage and i loved seeing them play first ave! i’m so proud. later i purchased a phantom tails t-shirt, too. omg groupie alert!

when i got home, i felt pretty fabulous. a night out on the town + winning awesome lipstick + hugs from the band? so fantastic!

and vani and i have already discussed getting to the show much earlier next time around.

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