Update: May 2007

A brief update of awesome things:

  • Ford Bell, a soon-to-be-former Advisory Board member for the Bell Museum, announced his departure to staff last week (he will be the new president for the American Association of Museums). As a departure gift, he was presented with a copy of the accordion book that I created late last year. I believe he described it as “extraordinary.” (I was beaming with so much pride that I temporarily went stupid.) His grandfather was James Ford Bell, for whom the museum was renamed.
  • In July I will be traveling to British Columbia to attend a 5-day workshop with Ben Willmore. I will be learning more about portrait photography and Photoshop. I can’t even explain how excited I am—I have been doing a lot of jumping up and down.
  • After the workshop, I’ll be taking a couple days to see Victoria (in British Columbia) and visit Jen in Washington (I’ll see a bit of Seattle and travel to her home near Mount Rainier). Adventure!
  • Yesterday Ellipses found a new pet toad (we named him Reggie) in my fire escape. After I got home from work, I scooped him up in a bucket and brought him to Loring Park. It’s been gorgeous in Minneapolis and it was fantastic to hang out with the birds (geese, ducks, Grackles, Red-Winged Blackbirds, and I think I saw a Blue Heron). I posted photos in my gallery and on Flickr.
  • Last weekend I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some other friends at Kristi’s apartment. I made Margarita Cake and Kristi prepared tacos. It was a delicious holiday. Photos are on Flickr.
  • This weekend I’ll be headed to Vermillion (first time since Christmas!) to celebrate Jane’s Doctor of Education degree. Next weekend family will be gathering in St. Louis Park to celebrate Karyn’s Master of Business Administration degree. Congratulations, Jane and Karyn!
  • This weekend will also be the first time that Ellipses will be home alone for a couple days. I hope he does okay! I am a little nervous.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow I’ll share some of my latest favorite photos that I’ve captured!

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