Typing and Sleeping

I had a marvelous weekend on Hart Lake with a few of my wonderful friends. I assure you that I have a bazillion photos heading your way—I’m thinking about splitting them across a few posts because I wouldn’t be able to pick which photos to not share.

But, a brief update about things…

Looking in to the bathroom

I still haven’t taken down the painter’s tape in the bathroom… but I haven’t really had time, either! I guess I could’ve tonight, but I was busy watching the season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen with Kristi, Jared, and their temporary visitor from France, Sarah.

bathroom mirror

This also means I haven’t taken proper photos of the bathroom with the blue paint. It really is lovely, but now I think I might wait to take photos until after my brother-in-law, Bryan, comes over to help me re-affix my trim to the walls. We made a plan for this coming Sunday. If it works out then maybe I’ll also get to finally visit the new-ish Thai restaurant a couple blocks away, Sen Yai Sen Lek.

Me, Hannie, and Erin

I did make time to hang out with Hannie and Erin last week, though. Well, I sort of took a tiny cat nap towards the end of the visit, but that’s okay because Hannie and both of the cats were sleeping, too (on Erin, who insisted that was her favorite part)!

I don’t understand the cold, stormy weather in Minnesota lately. There is too much of it so I tend to wear myself out on sunny days—too much fun to get caught up on! Kristi and I have talked about heading up to Duluth for a day this weekend, so hopefully it will be beach-bumming kind of weather.

Work has been fairly busy lately, too. Most of my department is headed to a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, next week so I’ll have the place to myself. I’ve got an interesting Flash+XML project to get started, as well as a Volusion store front to help beautify. Both projects are learning experiences for me, so I’ll be quite content… hopefully!

Hart Lake Sunset

That was a teaser for future posts. It really was a wonderful weekend, despite the missing cat that ruined my first morning. But that’s a story for another time… I meant to go to bed early tonight!

OH, I ALMOST FORGOT! Today I booked airfare to Hawaii for my birthday in November. My pal, Jen, is moving there for grad school so I’ll be crashing with her in Honolulu. I am so excited! I’m going to torture myself with photos of Hawaii on Flickr until then, and afterwards I’ll torture you with my photos.

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