two blocks down

not great, but a good start!

My first completed quilt block! Not perfect, but done. :)

i am not sure if it’s my initial cutting or the actual sewing that is causing my goofy lines. things aren’t lining up quite right in these churn dash quilt blocks. i also haven’t quite tackled the appliqué that helps tack down the stick that cuts across each block.


and don’t even get me started on lining up the fabric correctly. (self: measure twice, sew and cut once!) these two blocks are right next to each other in the first corner i’m starting on the quilt. i’m imagining that one corner of the finished quilt will have errors and goof-ups, but the last corner will look really great. (at least i hope i get better after 42 blocks!)

i am definitely planning for a quilt that is just squares and/or rectangles next.

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