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Woodsy Says!

Hi there. Not much going on. It’s been a pretty quiet week for me.

Last Friday (post-happy hour), I had Kristi and Rebecca over to my apartment for a “girls’ night.” When I was younger I used to have slumber parties all of the time. I felt that I was the queen of slumber parties. The best one ever was the night we watched all of the Children of the Corn movies (I definitely stayed awake [whether my brain was on or off is a different story] and others claim to have stayed awake, but there is no proof). Anyway, Rebecca brought over Indiscreet, I whipped up a few cosmopolitans, and threw some Totinos Pizza Rolls in the oven. Everything was going well, we were talking and gossiping and gabbing and giggling. Then Rebecca sat on the couch between Kristi and me. We all had our own blanket and our feet were up on the coffee table. And we all fell asleep. Slumber parties really are just slumber parties now.

Last night Kristi and I went to Grumpy’s for karaoke (Kristi’s idea!) and it was a smashing success. It was a pretty quiet evening there, compared to the crowds I’ve had to deal with in the past. We each got three good songs in before 1am, and had a good time with the other singers.

I miss karaoke. I think when I acquire a car this summer, I shall have to seek out employment as a karaoke DJ. I think that would be the most fun thing I could be doing with my life right now. Plus I’d be guaranteed drinking and singing on a weekly basis.

Jen will be visiting the Twin Cities next week and there will be more karaoke! Hooray!

But otherwise I’ve just been learning and studying about Minnesota’s forests and succession and using Flash to make an educational game for my class. It’s been challenging, but I think I’ve finally climbed the hill of weakness and I am looking over my kingdom of knowledge and creativity, and I am confident.

Also I am kinda sleepy today. I don’t really know what I’m typing.

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