Too Hot to Blog

The Northeast Minneapolis parade was pretty fun last year, but this year I could barely take it. Was it the hottest day of the whole summer? Quite possibly. I went over to visit the neighbors and tried then to hang out and watch with them, but barely made it a half hour. Oh, well.

I tried to distract myself from the heat by taking photos, but that only lasted so long.

(173/365) @ central avenue ne @ central avenue ne

The best float: I ♥ Northeast.

@ central avenue ne

I had no idea there was a Mandarin Chinese immersion school nearby – so cool!

@ central avenue ne @ central avenue ne @ central avenue ne

Hey, it’s the mayor, R.T. Rybak. I think he must’ve run down the whole of Central Avenue which is just incredible to me. Because it was so hot. You know.

@ central avenue ne @ central avenue ne

Clever marketing.

@ central avenue ne

Sometimes it is very nice when people pose for me. Candids are not always that easy, especially when there are a million other people around. So, thank you, lady on stilts, for pausing for my camera.

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