To Do / To Not Do Again

A few things from my little life this weekend…

  1. Plastic Chord show on Friday at the Hexagon? I drank way too much, which is yet another reason why I need to hire a chaperon. I’ll blame Kristi for providing a box of wine before the show and myself for buying shots during the show. I also took very many photos (to be posted later when I am less lazy), and I’ve really surprised myself with how terrible they mostly are. Watch out! Drunk girl with a camera! Also I was dancing a lot and fell over, too (I already have problems with balancing when I’m sober). Now my arm has a big, blue bruise. I don’t bruise very easily, either. That must’ve been some fall, but I didn’t think so at the time.
    But, anyway, I’m reminded as to why I stopped drinking so much. Moderation is a very good thing. Maybe this time I’ll remember for good as I’ve spent most of the weekend feeling sort of embarrassed, even though I think I was just a fun, energetic sort of drunk.
  2. The carpet in my bedroom is still quite damp, which is irritating. My feng shui is suffering.
  3. I’ve started watching a video tutorial for Flash—currently I have an 11 hours “essentials” disc set, and when I finish I will be borrowing a 10 hour “beyond the basics” disc set. Next week (after Spring Break), I have to commit myself to creating a new digital game for the remainder of the semester. I feel like my goals are overly ambitious, but hopefully that is also good motivation.
  4. I’m finally selling my collection of Nine Inch Nails CDs/DVDs. I have literally spent half of my life collecting these things, but now I’d rather have the money. I’m a little angry with myself for selling my three “We’re In This Together” CDs for so cheap, but I just had no idea how rare they are. Oh, well. Their new owner (Kristie) will hopefully enjoy them much more than I have been. If you’re a NIN collector, you should email me for details about what I still have. I have almost everything until recently, when Trent Reznor decided to shave his head and start working out. It’s just not the NIN I fell in love with anymore.
  5. Ellipses is still cute but I wish I could give him a friend because I am pretty boring and I think he is starting to realize that. I wish he would lay on my lap more often. The end.

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