The city that keeps the roof blazin


the last day and a half of honeymoon. SIGH. went to brunch at camille’s (in key west) before we got back on the road to miami. we had talked about all of these pitstops we wanted to make that we didn’t do on our way down the keys, but i was feeling pretty worn out and nearly broke, so we skipped a lot of things.


we did make time to find the key deer, though! because entering the key deer national refuge was free.



we just found these two, and they were actually pretty curious about us. the little one came right up to sniff my hand! we didn’t have any food for them (mostly because you’re not supposed to feed the wildlife) so they wandered away. cute, though! nature!



we also stopped again at robbie’s marina. we were thinking about having lunch, but it was too windy, so we just entertained ourselves by feeding some more tarpon. we got video this time!

the video that jason took of me feeding the tarpon is on facebook, so i can’t embed it here. but maybe you’re friends with one of us and can click that link to view. failing that, here’s my video of jason:


traffic entering miami on a thursday night was pretty terrible. actually, traffic all over miami was terrible. i was navigating us with google maps and trying to avoid toll roads, which made it even worse. we eventually detoured through downtown before getting out towards south beach.



we found our hotel and got rid of the car as quickly as we could. we didn’t wander around too much, but we found a decent patio for dinner and drinks. and shoes! (though i couldn’t justify buying any of them.)






for our final long morning, we opted to mostly hang out on the beach. we took a couple breaks for lunch, heat relief, and to see the art deco museum, but otherwise: we were on the beach. soaking it in.





because nothing makes you feel more like a minnesotan who’s been shut inside all winter than getting a gnarly heat rash on vacation.




sad to leave the sunshine, happy to go home and sleep in my own bed. ending a vacation is always so bittersweet.


it’s hard to believe that we’ve already been married for almost 7 months. only five to go ’til our first wedding anniversary: we better get crackin’ on plans for a celebration!

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