terrible alumna


this past weekend we celebrated jason’s birthday from last november by attending a gophers hockey game.


i have lived in the twin cities for over 12 years now. i graduated from umn in 2004. this was my first ever gophers game, y’all.


and only because, until this coming weekend, the minnesota wild haven’t had a season. i never have any ideas of what to get for jason for his birthday (or christmas) so he has gotten hockey tickets for one or the other for the past few years.


one of these years the hockey tickets might be for a stadium that’s not in the twin cities. wouldn’t it be so fun to see the bruins play in their hometown? boston is a fun sports town.

or maybe we could go check out the thunderbirds or canucks because i sort of want to go back to seattle and see vancouver for the first time.

or maybe the winter classic? i might have to be a little more wealthy to score good tickets for that one.



anyway. gophers won, 7 to 1! go, gophs!

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