Taxes = Toys

This is the first year in many years that I’ve received a tax refund. So what did I do with it? I bought new toys last night!

I got two very nice dance pads for Dance Dance Revolution playing (and now I can play double-mat mode or with a friend) as well as a USB microphone and Karaoke Revolution. I hope Kristi doesn’t mind that I’m going to be party central 24/7 or until I wear myself out.

So. Anyway, I played with those for a while last night (even tried “Sing and Dance” mode on KR but I don’t have those skillz yet). Then it was time for real karaoke with real people. Instead of making myself look nice for the evening, I wasted too much time playing video games. And I should’ve spent time with my stupid hair because many friends came to ye olde Legend’s last night: Barry, Joe, Jen, Jen’s coworker Kristen, Brad, Kung and Kung’s friend whose name I have forgotten. Towards the end, RPM came over and hung out with us, too. I think I learned too much about Brenda’s personal life, but that is okay because she rocks. And I have suppressed every naughty thing that I witnessed last night. Also I didn’t take any photos.

A drunken Jen crashed on my couch last night (after Taco Bell gave us too many chalupas) and in exchange for hospitality, she drove me to work this morning. But I showed her how to play Karaoke Revolution before we left.

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