Sullivan Fest 2007

I have to sort through photos to keep/delete/print. You can not even imagine how many photos I took.

Iowa is lovely; I have many plans for the future when I possibly live on the farm. I’ve decided that I will be a hot-shot editor of some very small town’s newsletter. Maybe even several small towns’ newsletters! Or church bulletins!

My itchies aren’t really very itchy any more and the swelling has gone down.

I just bathed and scrubbed my feet and I feel SO GOOD and/or beautiful. Note to self: buy better shoes for next year. In fact, buy better shoes before heading to Canada. There will be lots of outdoorsness to hurt me then, too.

I found the snipe and I’m responsible for it’s life until next year. Ellipses so far hasn’t noticed his new companion because he is just so excited that I returned! I missed my kitty so terribly. Farm kitty was nice, Ellipses is wonderful.

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