So you want an update?

(Can I have a P.S. before an update? Here it is: P.S. Jale, I did not make the bat wings. I borrowed my costume from a small collection at the Bell Museum. A coworker borrowed the otter costume and later reported that she won a costume contest for Halloween!)

Friday the 3rd (evening): Celebrated Johanna’s birthday all over Minneapolis with her friends. Her house in the Seward neighborhood > Clicquot Club (though they were full and we didn’t stay) > Birchwood Cafe > Pracna > Nye’s. Johanna and I got a little silly, but not too silly. Then I stayed up ’til 3am watching All of Me and trying to prevent a hangover by drinking a ton of water.

Saturday the 4th: Mild headache in the morning! Mad at my body. Then raked a coworker’s yard in Deephaven, MN from 10am–4:30pm-ish. Very sore, acquired blister on thumb. Cancelled plans to study for GRE with Jason. Laid on couch all evening, was asleep by 10pm. Pathetic.

Sunday the 5th: Very emo and worried about GRE skillz all day. Spent all day between practice tests and reading a book that was written for teenagers (“The Boyfriend List” by E. Lockhart). Was okay with my un-intelligence by bedtime.

Monday the 6th: Work and class, nothing exciting. Don’t remember what I did that night but it wasn’t exciting.

Tuesday the 7th: GRE at 11am and I did well! Am satisfied with my score and am re-encouraged about graduate school options. Voted in my new precinct. Went home to lay on couch for the rest of the afternoon and it was g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s!

Yesterday: Also not exciting.

Today: See yesterday, but at least today is the first official Bell Museum happy hour (will attend in approximately 1/2 hour).

Tomorrow: No plans for excitement yet. Might spend evening doing homework that has been neglected (working on this website*).

Saturday: Early morning meeting with College of Design professors and admissions representatives to get excited about graduate school. Chocolate Show to photograph the lovely Rebecca’s clothing designs and feel fabulous. Birthday party for Bertine. Kegger at Chess and Andy’s home.

Sunday: Hopefully bloody marys! Additional afternoon celebration for myself at Brit’s Pub. Will eat Scotch Eggs and maybe some bangers or mash.

Monday: My 25th Birthday. I’m going to love being me all day.

Time for beer! I must flee.

* Broken link removed January 12, 2012.

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