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my wonderful friend, mary, invited me to join a group of awesome ladies who just wanna sing: the prairie fire lady choir. and, oh my.

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for tonight’s practice, we convened in the current studios at mpr headquarters in downtown st. paul. i could’ve been a lot more insane with the happy (people AROUND THE WORLD are listening to mpr! what an important place! filled with so much greatness!), but i managed to keep myself in check. but i know i can tell you: if i had let loose, i might not’ve been able to stop giggling with absolute delight.

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mary works at mpr, so she gave me a tour of the building before practice began. we walked past the studio where mark wheat was broadcasting.


@ walker art center

yes, i’m a groupie for everyone and everything that is awesome.

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it was a lot of fun learning some new music, singing with other ladies, and generally having a good time! i will definitely keep joining the rehearsals.


their next performance is october 8th at the st. paul zombie pub crawl. this choir may be one of the few where you get to practice moaning for braaaains.

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