Scion will be mine someday!

@ cd warehouse

Yesterday evening, I wandered over to CD Warehouse in Dinkytown for the second annual Scion-mania! This year my date was named Eliot and he was from Oregon. I test drove the xB for about 5 minutes and received a new Scion baseball-style t-shirt, a can of “Rock Star” energy drink, a compilation of hip-hop and electronic music mixed by Melo-D, and a $15 gift certificate to use on anything at CD Warehouse (I purchased Gomez, “How We Operate”).

Memories! Here is what I wrote about the event last year:

After work I was waiting for the bus at CD Warehouse and I was approached to test drive a Scion for a $15 gift certificate to buy a CD. So I said, “Okay.” I filled out the forms, got directed to the back of the store, where the cars were waiting, then a bunch of Scion peeps creeped me out and told me to go drive the xA with this boy. Josh or Nick or something practical. So I said, “Okay” and I started driving the car. It was like a mini-date in a car! It was fate. We talked about the real world. Then it was over and it was a pretty perfect conversation because this boy lives in L.A. and I shall never see him again.

Then I got my free $15 and bought the new NIN CD and, as luck would have it, I was able to purchase the dual-disc format, too! All for only $3 out of my pocket. I’m down.

I think I would really consider buying a Scion actually. It was cute in an ugly sort of way. I don’t like the xB, though. That one is just ugly in an ugly way.

I highly recommend you attend this event (you don’t have to drive, they are willing to drive you around). It is going on again today at CD Warehouse (corner of 4th St SE and 15th Ave SE in Minneapolis) from 11am–7pm.

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