rockin’ the ‘burbs

last wednesday, we invited over some friends to play rock band. jason was so excited, i think he downloaded at least 30 new songs that afternoon.

IMG_8280 IMG_8281 IMG_8282 IMG_8283

we had six instruments hooked up — guitar, bass, drums, keys, and two microphones. we would’ve had seven, but we would need to get one more microphone. not that it mattered, actually. it seemed like everyone who wasn’t holding an instrument was singing along with most of the songs anyway!

IMG_8284 IMG_8288

check out laura in this photo — she’s playing some sweet air guitar!

IMG_8289 IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8293

i don’t remember how it came up, but vani remembered every word and every handclap for down down baby.

IMG_8295 IMG_8296 IMG_8299

crystal brought us an adorable halloween plant, too. it didn’t have a nametag, though — any one know what kind of succulent this is?


molly and ryan brought a really dangerous (read: delicious) buffalo/cheese dip.


vani brought a bunch of tiny cupcakes!


the bacon table: bacon/cheese crackers, bacon cheeseball, bacon chocolate, and bacon dip.


jess also made chocolate chip cookies. (jess: you are welcome to bake here anytime!)

IMG_8305 IMG_8306 IMG_8310

as a somewhat informal tradition, we took a group photo. (yay, i got to be in one of my photos!) unfortunately, we missed taking the photo before dave left for another event, so we’ll need to take another photo at another get-together. what a shame. 😉

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