Really Random Thursday

  • I was about to hop in the shower this morning when I noticed a monstrous spider crawling across the ceiling. He had long legs, but it wasn’t a daddy long-legs. He had two little spots in front of his face as if his fangs were so long that he couldn’t keep them in his mouth. I didn’t like him, but I’m not tall enough to reach the ceiling. He seemed to be walking away from the direction of the shower, so I let him be. I kept an eye on him for a moment, though, then saw him fidgeting with his legs and then *whoops* he fell! I opened the curtain again to see if I could see him, but to no avail – I proceeded with the shower. Though I did call out to my little cat to come and eat him, please. When I had finished the shower, she was sitting on the other side of the curtain and there was no spider in sight. So I assume she followed directions, which makes me feel both incredibly proud and totally grossed out.
  • Best autocorrect.
    Sometimes autocorrect is a jokester.

  • A couple weeks ago, I traded my bus pass in for a parking pass. The light rail between downtowns starts running next week, which means a few bus routes are changing — including one of the busses I was taking twice a day. The change would have made my afternoon commute even more unbearable than it was, so. Now I drive. But now I’m also sick of needing to buy gas. Should I trade in my car for a hybrid? How do hybrids work? Do I have to plug it in?
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    On Tuesday, I got a tour of my current office building from one of the longest-standing employee reporters/bloggers. I kept a photo diary.

  • There are so many weeds in my yard. I may spend my Friday night pulling them out of my yard, while Jason is off having “guys’ night” somewhere.
  • I am really looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, except I’ll probably still be up by 7:30am because AlarmCat™.
  • Minneapolis? You are too good to me.
    Last night I met my friend, Vani, at Psycho Suzi’s for a much-needed patio’n’beer fix. We had one of the best tables on the best patio in the city — overlooking the lovely Mississippi River! I could have stayed there all night.

  • Last Saturday night, Wilkerbooty and I went to see Wits. We did a TMBG sing-along!

  • I owe you an update on my 101 goals thing from May. Sorry for the delay.
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    How do they know it’s not just the same 10 people over and over and over and over and over again?

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