Pumkin Pie (and other seasonal specials)

Good morning, friends. It certainly has been a busy couple weeks. Work and traveling to South Dakota has kept me too busy to work on my design portfolio. Although I have loads of time at home, I have been very into relaxing and forgetting about responsibility, which includes not turning the computer on. You know.

Anyway. I’m still alive. I’m hoping to adopt a kitten this afternoon (and I’m refreshing the Humane Society’s website like mad). I plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home, where things are safe. I hope to get my design portfolio ready for printing this weekend—at least. I want to add it to amy-berg.com, too.

Also, Jane posted a delish recipe for Cranberry Salsa. Seriously, we had it at Thanksgiving. We had for Ryan’s graduation. We had it for Christmas. It is so yummy! I’m sure that Jane is sick of making it. But if you like cranberries and you like salsa, I guarantee that this will be a hit.

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