Progress Report: 101 goals in 1001 days

Here it is: my second to last report for my 101 goals in 1001 days project, because the 1001th day is October 18.

I finished a couple items during September, which is really surprising, because I was not into “to do” lists. Not even a little bit.

  1. Visit an apple orchard with Jason — preferably when we can pick our own honey crisps completed 09/27/2014
  2. Revisit the Como Zoo & Conservatory completed 09/01/2014

I even made a little bit of progress on some bigger goals:

  1. Use 24 different recipes for canning/preserving food
    1. Green Tomato Raspberry Preserves – 09/21/2014
  2. Be free of credit card debt.
  3. Put $20 into savings for each completed task on this list, and $50 for each non-completed task
    ($740 due for 37 completed items, $2150 due for 43 items that will not be completed)

It’s also time to get real about goals I will not be able to finish before the 1001th day.

  1. Craft Room Makeover
    (minimum requirements remaining: work table, new storage shelves, paint)
  2. Master Bedroom Makeover
    (minimum requirements remaining: door, paint, new bedding)
  3. Main floor guest bedroom makeover
    (minimum requirements remaining: paint, new curtains, decor)
  4. Home Office Makeover
    (minimum requirements remaining: task lighting)
  5. Make the flowerbeds in front of the house mostly self-sustaining
  6. Help Sio and Ampersand to be in the same room without issue for longer than one hour (you’d think we’d be able to let the two girls go all free range in the house after three years together, but nope.)
  7. Cook 30 new-to-me recipes
  8. Bake 20 new-to-me recipes
  9. Make my own cheese
  10. Organize all of the loose recipes I have into a binder/cookbook and/or on my iPad (Paprika app)
  11. Blog five recipe creations (I guess I’m not a food blogger.)
  12. Make pizza from scratch
  13. Cook 5 meals from 5 different countries
  14. Use my passport again (It expired last October and I don’t think I’ll be traveling anywhere crazy again until January, at the earliest.)
  15. Visit two new-to-me states in the US
  16. Finish posting photos and memories from my past travels
  17. Watch three film series (that consist of three movies or more) back-to-back
  18. Watch all of Month Python’s Flying Circus
  19. Finish watching all of the Academy Award’s Best Picture winners
  20. Visit Chicago
  21. Go to California again, really put my feet in the Pacific Ocean (this one is high on the possiblity list for January, but, alas – that would long past the 1001th day)
  22. Visit five new-to-me lakes in Minnesota (This should’ve been an easy one — there are 10,000 lakes here, after all. I guess I just visit the same ol’ lakes that I’m used to.)
  23. Find Hidden Beach (Read a rumor that it may not only be hidden, but also outlawed in the future.)
  24. Ride the bike trails to (and from) my office in Plymouth (This summer I discovered my bike flat tire and I did never get around to buying a tire pump.)
  25. Take a dance class
  26. Finish the Lego Harry Potter (years 1–4) video game
  27. Ride my bike to a beach and spend the day lounging in the sun and reading
  28. Live off of $20/week for four weeks (not possible with the bad lunchtime habits I’m forming at work)
  29. Goal weight: 140lbs. (That would be unhealthy.)
  30. Complete Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet (I did this phase for a while but not the recommended length of time. It wasn’t terrible, but… I like cookies.)
  31. Maintain Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet for at least one month
  32. Participate in a Quilt-a-long
  33. Hand-make 10 Christmas gifts
  34. Digitize personal journals
  35. Move photos from the old photo gallery to Flickr…
  36. then update broken photo links in old blog entries

The good news? I am giving up on less than half of my goals list! There are still a few more goals that I’ve left on the list as possibilities for completing in the next few weeks, though, so the bad news? I guess we’ll see what’s up on October 18. View the whole list, and stay tuned for the final results! Totally thrilling, right?

In other news, who wants to help me complete these goals next weekend?

  1. Go to the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, MN
  2. See the north side of lake Mille Lacs
  3. See the Zumbrota Covered Bridge

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