Progress Report: 101 goals in 1001 days

I know I just did this two days ago, but I didn’t accomplish anything in April. I was just a big pile of anxiety all month. I have an idea for May!

How about I pick 10 things on my list and see if I can actually get them done? I only have until mid-October with this thing and with the wedding planning picking up the pace, it’s going to get harder to think about these items.

Let’s try these this month:

  1. Put Hollyhocks in the flower beds
  2. Cook 30 new-to-me recipes (I’ll aim for at least 5 this month.)
  3. Bake 20 new-to-me recipes (I’ll aim for 3 this month.)
  4. Blog five recipe creations (You want to hear from me more often, right? I’ll aim for 2.)
  5. Visit (or revisit) 10 museums (I’ll aim for at least 1 — though there are 3 in downtown St. Paul that I could possibly visit during a lunch break: the American Association of Woodturners Gallery of Wood Art, The Schubert Club, and the James J. Hill Center.)
  6. Watch three film series (that consist of three movies or more) back-to-back (I’ll aim to do 1 series. Incidentally, May the 4th might be a good day for a Star Wars marathon.)
  7. Figure out what to do with my retirement funds from VUE and Gage (I know what I want to do, I just need to do it.)
  8. Goal weight: 140lbs. (It would be unhealthy for me to complete this goal this month, but I want to get serious about trying again. Four months ’til the wedding!)
  9. Complete Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet (see: previous goal for this month.)
  10. Finish my Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban-style Ravenclaw house scarf (weave in the ends during a movie marathon, maybe?)

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