Problems at home.

Water in my Ceiling

Any minute now I’ll get crackin’ on my homework, but first I need to update you about the status of this place I call home.

About the photo: it’s been a very wet Spring here on Linden Avenue.

About a month ago I had a flood into my bedroom from my fire escape (which was actually not Spring related, but hose related, I guess). That stayed wet for about a week. There is still a dirt stain I need to clean up.

Tuesday morning I called maintenance about a water leak and a ceiling bubble that I noticed in my bedroom on Monday night. I came home yesterday to a poor spackling job that seemed to be a “fix” for the water damage on the wall. Nothing appeared to be different about the ceiling, but I noticed a small bubble on the bubble. I called before going to sleep.

Today I came home to a rug that was soaked and the bubble on the bubble is clearly the source of the problem. So far only the rug (and the carpet underneath) has been affected.

Except now this place stinks like mildew and cat litter. How am I supposed to feel zen when I’m probably being poisoned by mold spores? And where is the maintenance dude?

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