Please Roast My Makkaraa

I like being a hostess every once in a while. Between having people over to watch movies (or talk through movies, which is usually what actually happens) or simply sitting around outside during the evening, I enjoy having people around my home.

My friend, Erin, and I have been talking about having a doggy play-date for a long time (her doggy, Captain, and Kristi and Jared’s doggy, Ziggy) but we never really got serious about actually planning it. Finally the day arrived when I just couldn’t not have Erin, her husband, Jason, and their doggy over. Karyn, Bryan and Hannie had come over earlier in the day for a trip to the beach and to help me finish up my bathroom redecoration, so in the afternoon everyone gathered in my backyard.

Bryan, Karyn, Hannie and Kristi

Jason and Erin

Captain and Ziggy

Bryan eats

Somehow we had too much food, but it was all delicious. Karyn made a pasta salad and brought over a million types of fancy cheeses. Erin and Jason brought chips and dips. I provided some sausages I bought from Fred’s in Goodland, MN and s’mores. The day was much warmer than I had anticipated, but Jason got a fire going anyway and that’s where we roasted the sausages (and marshmallows).

Kristi and Hannie

Jared gets silly with Hannie

Me and Hannie


Jason, Erin and Hannie

Ziggy and Captain

The doggy play-date didn’t really work, but it was a good excuse to get together anyway.

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