Plastic Chord

@ 400 bar

After work last night I just really wanted to go home and lay on my couch and be pathetic. I did that for a while, but by 7pm I was sick of myself. So I decided that I would venture out of my house for yet another Plastic Chord show. (You can catch them again on Tuesday the 29th at the Turf Club.)

It was fun and it was a good crowd of Plastic Chord fans at the 400 Bar. Orion’s parents made it to the show, also. Everyone was very happy. I had forgotten my real camera, but there were at least 4 other cameras taking photos. Plastic Chord is so photogenic!

Afterwards I went to Hard Times with Jason, Serg, Rebecca and Orion. They read City Pages and The Onion while I played with my phone. Also, Hard Times has good (homemade) salsa — my mouth was a little on fire and that is a good thing.

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