i am finally finished editing my hundreds of photos from new england that i took with the camera+ app on my iphone. now i am uploading everything to my computer and backing that stuff up. then i will finally feel comfortable with making the upgrade to ios6! (have you done it? is it worth it?)

until i get some photos posted here, i have to start posting the list of things to do next time we’re in new england so i don’t forget. and also so i have stuff to look forward to doing.

  • boston commons
    though we didn’t make it to see the commons during this last trip, i still brought home make way for ducklings for hannie
  • beer tour at shipyard brewing in portland
    we stopped in and perused the gift shop, but didn’t have time for a tour and tasting. they have a really decent pumpkin beer, if you like that kind of thing.
  • maine mead works
    during our 2010 trip to new england, we discovered artesano in vermont and it was a delicious place to be. i love going to delicious places.
  • more time in portland in general
    what else is a “must do” item there?
  • maine wildlife park
    bring cash. (we tried to visit but only had enough cash for one admission and so then it was too much to seek out an atm and we needed to get to boston to make it to the harvard museum of natural history anyway.)
  • more time on the beach
    maybe when its just a little bit warmer and less crazy windy
  • science museum in concord
    what else do people do for fun in southern new hampshire?

any other suggestions? it’s so nice that jason has family in new england so we have places to stay! it means i can go out there more often. 🙂

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