Only Two Months Later…

I attended Adobe MAX in Los Angeles this year with my friend and coworker, Erin. My purpose at the conference was to focus on learning Flash Catalyst and to develop more web design/CSS skillz.

Los Angeles Convention Center

Me at Adobe MAX

I’m just a girl who wants to be a better nerd.

Adobe MAX Staff and Me

Erin and I made friends with the locals. Everyone from Los Angeles was super happy!

Me and Erin

The stage in the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE was cool, but had no bearing on the presentations like it did last year. I wish the speakers had interacted with it more, I guess.

Me and Erin with Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch

Erin and I met Kevin Lynch (Adobe’s CTO)! He’s definitely the right kind of “celebrity” for Adobe-loving nerds like me.

Erin and her favorite bartender

Erin picked this woman as her favorite bartender.

Me and the Pearson VUE logo

Like last year, I drew the Pearson VUE logo on the community chalkboard. Gotta represent, yo!

John Mayer

Celebrities that attended include Mark Hamill (accompanied by Chewbacca and Darth Vader, with Queen Amidala and Obi Wan Kenobi clones) and John Mayer. I don’t care about either of them, but I do care about…

Stephanie Sullivan and me

Stephanie Sullivan, the goddess of CSS! If you’re a web designer, you need to read her book. I have learned so many practical and useful tips. It was very cool to talk to her a bit this year—we kept running into each other! It’s a small MAX, after all.

Adobe MAX Bash

The MAX bash wasn’t quite as crazy/cool as last year’s (though can anything beat the Cal Academy?). Erin and I checked out all of the entertainment (the Conga Room, the Grammy Museum, and the ESPN Zone) then spent most of the evening on the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE plaza, listening to the live band (fronted by an Adobe employee) and chatting with new friends.

Ben, Erin and Ben

me and Parker

me and Michael

me and Erin

Ok, so maybe I was drinking a few beers, too. (I paid for that the next day.)

Adobe at the LA Convention Center

Tesla car

Erin and I drooled over this car for a while. We asked if we could get in, but they wouldn’t let us. Dang.

Erin and the Tesla car

Adobe MAX is in LA again next year

I don’t think I’ll be attending Adobe MAX 2010, but who knows? It’s a whole year away.

Book signed by Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis

Adobe MAX 2008 characters

I brought home a bunch of fun stuff, including a fully autographed copy of Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis’ book, a coffee-splattered attendee badge, and silly little buttons (“Kiss Me, I’m Suite” and “I Weave Dreams” are the cutest). All in all, a good conference. Using what I learned this year, I’m working in Adobe Illustrator and Flash Catalyst to develop a departmental holiday e-card. Wish me luck!

I Weave Dreams

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