One. Click. Done.

I can’t believe how easy it was to get Gallery installed on my website. Thank you, DreamHost! For the past couple of days I’ve been struggling with attempting to get Gallery running (downloading, unzipping, deleting, what a mess!), and it turns out that my host has a one-click install! I wish I had looked there first. Anyway, it seems to run pretty smoothly (I did use this program once before — not since, I think). I hope its easier for my visitors to view photos as well!

I only have a couple albums running right now. I uploaded photos from karaoke the other night, a few shots of Harley while I watched Law and Order last night, and the incredibly amount of photos/videos from Christmas at the Fort 2005.

Now I will test the image linking/posting process. Be patient with me!

Here is Linsay singing karaoke with a friend:

Click Here to view Album

Here is Fortmaster Egan looking like he grew a mustache for Christmas:

Click Here to view Album

You can click the photos for the album views and, of course, you can always view the galleries here.

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