kristi and i went for a walk around our neighborhood yesterday. the smell of lilacs is stuck in my nose.

100_1022 100_1023 100_1024

i’ve decided i really like purple flowers.

100_1025 100_1026

this weekend was art-a-whirl in northeast minneapolis. kristi and i visited “johnstock” on johnson street ne and 29th avenue. we even toured the old hollywood theater – that was awesome!

100_1027 100_1028

this is the main entrance. i don’t think any of it is renovated yet, but there will still be a show hosted there soon. “waiting for godot” by theatre pro rata debuts in july.

100_1029 100_1032

it’s a huge, amazing space. very impressive. i admit i was also looking for orbs. (i haven’t watched enough ghost hunters lately, i suppose.)

100_1033 100_1035 100_1037 100_1038

i would’ve really liked to see what was at the bottom of these stairs, but they were closed to the public.

100_1040 100_1042

then we crossed the street to see a bunch of crafty booths and live music.


pretty low key, but the sun had only recently come out of hiding after a very rainy morning.

100_1044 100_1045

stopped at the coffee shop ne for a cherry french soda. felt like a kid again.

100_1046 100_1047

this is a medium, guys. YUM.


sorry about your typo. i’m sure your clothes and bags will be cute regardless.


free wine? of course i’ll come visit!


audubon park is much prettier than this photo.

100_1053 100_1054 100_1055 100_1056

we felt very awkward in this studio because we felt like we were wandering into someone’s house (humans win!) but at least picked up a great compilation of local music. chris koza, caroline smith & the goodnight sleeps, halloween, alaska and many others.


cute backyard, too.

100_1059 100_1060 100_1062

weird and i want one!


as we headed home, we saw the nordeast turkeys. kristi decided this was a bit of good luck. i’ll take it!

100_1066 100_1067 100_1071

we also took a break in the park, sitting among the dandelions and soaking up some vitamin d.

100_1073 100_1075 100_1076

so bright.


ant on my leg, whatchu doin’.

100_1078 100_1079

kristi crafted a fantastic dandelion crown.

100_1081 100_1083 100_1084

lily of the valley, ahh

100_1085 100_1087

this is in my neighborhood, too.


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