Nobody Beats Mayslack’s Meat

It was Barry’s idea to move Scrabble to Mayslack’s yesterday.

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Little did we know that it was their 50th anniversary weekend! There was a tent set up on their parking lot (maybe?) and inside were many people, all polka-dancing and two-stepping and all sorts of other things that involve using feet. We tried to sit inside quietly and focus on the game, but as the day wore on and patrons drank more, the ratio of hecklers to us increased.

I spaced out for most of the game (and said I was on Kristi’s team). There were some awesome people to watch there. “Mr. Popular” had a grey afro and western wear. Everyone knew his name and everyone wanted him to yell some sort of insanity at them (at one point I heard him yell at an old lady, “It’s the woman who breaks the bed!” but Kristi thought he said “bench,” which probably makes more sense). And then there was the Russian, who asked us if we wanted to be on TV about the bar. We told him we were first-timers and therefore probably not the best people to interview. Side note: He very much sounded like and resembled Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov). But, alas, after a while I got sleepy and it was time to leave. I meant to take a picture with these two fellows, but I was too intimidated by their popularity.

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