New Semester

On Tuesday I went to my web design class. My instructor is David Husom. I felt a little behind as most of the other students had taken semester one of the class (I am in semester two), but I think I will persevere. I was also distracted by the two or three other classes going in the lab and I was hungry. Tuesdays might be a weird day. Anyway, I made my first animated .gif:

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Very exciting stuff.

I have an idea in my head of something even more spectacular and exciting for my class project.

On Wednesday I went to my digital photography class. My instructor there is Steve Stenzel (unfortunately he is already married). Steve seems really excited and the assignments sound awesome. One of the first assignments is to create a non-existant face from the face of five real people. I’m hoping my Photoshop skills become a million times more awesome this semester!

Yesterday I watched a whole lot of Medium (first two DVDs of Season 1 from Netflix arrived). I am very excited for the new season of this show and ER. Just so you know.

I am also working on a smallish sorta freelance project that I discovered through Ali. I have already increased my Photoshop skills by trying to find solutions for the project and I need to work more this weekend. I don’t want to reveal too much yet.

Today I gained access to the History of the Land website so that I can make changes for Barb Coffin, the executive director, in-house (at the Bell Museum) instead of sending small things to the design company that created the site.

In conclusion, it hasn’t been a terribly exciting week, but nice things are happening. And I still have time to watch my favorite TV shows.

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