New Phone / New Food

A couple weeks ago I upgraded my phone to an HTC Droid Eris. It’s pretty awesome! I am getting pretty good at Bejeweled and I found an application that turns my phone into a toy camera. I’m still being sort of annoying with it (playing with it when I shouldn’t be), as is evident by my food photography from Sea Change last night. (Though, honestly, if I hadn’t been using my phone I would’ve been using my regular camera. You should always expect this kind of desire for documentation from me.)

Now, about these photos: It’s restaurant week here in the Twin Cities, which is a very good reason to go out and try food at fancy restaurants. Last year I went to Café Lurcat, and tomorrow I’ll be going to the Bloomington ChopHouse.

I really wanted to go to La Belle Vie this year, but it seems very difficult to get reservations there. I settled for Sea Change, which was (of course) very delicious. Since there were four of us at dinner, and only two different entrees on the restaurant week menu, I ordered from the regular menu for a few extra dollars.

bay scallops

These scallops were so delicious. And pretty to look at. I loved the spice on these — lemon pepper, I think? I could’ve eaten a whole plate of these.

grilled swordfish

The grilled swordfish cassoulet was tasty, but not because of the swordfish. Though the fish added some nice texture, the (giant!) beans and the sausage were really the main attractions. Delicious. More, please!

citrus tartlet

And since everyone else got banana cheesecake for dessert, I decided to get a citrus tartlet. The sour cherries were indeed sour, but the sweetness of the tartlet paired with them quite nicely. It’s always more fun to end a meal with the feeling like you just gave your teeth 5 new cavities, right?

I would easily dine here again, though I hope the next time might be coupled with a show at the Guthrie afterward.

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