My first throwback Thursday

on this date last year, it was the first day of the first major campaign i was involved in at my current office. today is the same. (and i’m feeling a lot less panicked this time around, thankfully.)

on this date last year was also the best dan navarro date night that jason and i have ever had. you know, that one where dan helped jason propose to me. tonight, jason and i are headed out to see dan perform again.

Selfie with engagement ring!

A photo posted by Amy (@p0rk_chop) on

i’m feeling rather romantic about this annual event of ours. and because i’m not feeling as tired as i felt last year because of work stuff, i’m feeling much more excited for the show this year — though i’m not expecting any more big surprises. (but who knows what will happen?) i think i’m also still riding the high of our lovely honeymoon last week (photos and details of our adventures forthcoming) — and valentine’s day next week!

life is pretty a-okay right now, and i’m happy about that.

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