Moving on up

By this time next week I will be hanging out in my new apartment! That is so exciting. I’m going today to meet my building manager and check the place out again… I’m making a mental list of things to buy. I’ve already planned which shower curtain to buy for my bathroom. I know which floor lamp to buy for my living room to match one of my table lamps. Last night as I drifted off to sleep, I started wondering how I can re-cover my sofa. I think I need a sewing machine. And more money.

But for now I’m working on cleaning the current apartment and putting things in boxes and paper bags. I dismantled most of my bathroom and started cleaning it. I wonder if I can find some sort of cleaning wipes to use instead of paper towels and cleaning spray to clean the walls (because I also have to clean the walls in my bedroom and I’m going to do some in the kitchen and that would be a lot of paper towels). I have to visit the grocery store tonight. Also I have to return my modem to Time Warner at some point this week… which means that after I leave work on Friday, I will be internet-less for the whole week (I am taking the week off in order to get intimately acquainted with my new dwelling)! That will be sad, but I’m sure I will hop a bus to Karyn’s house late in the week to use her internet. And her cats.

Also, have I mentioned that I’m going to become a Minnesotan next week? I’m going to get my Minnesota driver’s license after having lived in this state for nearly 5 years. I will no longer be a South Dakotan, except in my heart.

I promise I will show you new pictures soon, too. Maybe today I can take some pictures of my new neighborhood… I am so so so excited!

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