Client Promotion: Midtown Greenway Coalition

Natalie Olbrantz, Andy Garcia and I are working together to create a promotional piece for a client, the Midtown Greenway Coalition of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We discussed what sort of piece we wanted to create. Whatever we decided, our piece had to be easily reproducible and maintain elements of the client’s visual identity. Theresa Nelson, the Greenspace and Art Programs Manager, distributed newsletters and referred us to a website (under production) that we could look to for inspiration.

We started by sketching ideas for a brochure with four panels (full size of 8.5″x14″) or a brochure that would fold out as a poster (possible full size of 8.5″x11″).

The four-panel brochure sketch:

The poster brochure sketch:

Ultimately we decided to design the four-panel brochure as we thought it would be easier to work with the information that we received from Theresa.

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