Mi chiamo Amy!

Tonight I had my first Italian class. It is so very much not German. I feel like I’m going to be a very confused multi-lingual girl this semester. I am so excited!

I had a very excellent day today. Next week I am doing two “trial runs” of being the Bell Museum’s staff photographer. I will be at one of the new programs, Cafe Scientifique, and at the opening for the next exhibit, the Lion’s Mane. On Monday I am meeting with the museum’s publications coordinator, Jennifer Amie, to discuss things related to University policy and photo usage guidelines and standards (digital and print). I hope this works out—it would be really excellent to get more of this experience in a professional setting.

Jen’s mom gave us a very large and impressive housewarming gift: the South Dakota flag. Jen, Kristi and I all grew up in Vermillion, South Dakota—and, of course, my first roommate for two months in this house, Jon, also grew up with us. We hung it on our wall. It’s a stunning decoration!

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