meow meow show

because i’m terrible at keeping up, i am now, almost three weeks later, going to share the photos and videos i took with my iphone at this year’s saintly city cat show. MEOW!


my favorite judge, walter hutzler, was back again this year. maybe you want to watch a video that includes him? my friend, mary — who attended the cat show for the first time this year — shared this video with me. so great!


persian so fluffy she be lookin’ like a sausage.


i think the most common breeds at the show are usually rex kitties and persian kitties. total opposites, right?

honestly, i left my dslr at home this year because i thought i probably didn’t need to come home for the fourth year in a row with 200+ photos of cats that aren’t mine. there are oodles of kitties that i wanted to photograph (such as an american curl! i’ve never seen that breed before.) but i’m glad i had the iphone because it takes excellent video — which came in handy when the vulcans showed up!

IMG_0362 IMG_0364 IMG_0366

first, vulcanus rex knighted the prince of replacement (cat show) judges.

then he knighted the people’s choice award winning kitty, an egyptian mau named mica. the most adorable moment happens at about 1:52.

i love hanging out with other crazy cat people. and cats. in fact, little miss sio kitty is taking up most of my lap right now — every night she tries to separate me from the computer but my arms are long and i can still reach the keyboard!

PURRS! (that one’s for you, vani!)

</crazy cat lady… for now>

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