Like, really, really dark

So, Tuesday night, when it thundered and I screamed and my life quickly flashed before my eyes? I think that was the moment that my D-Link ethernet switch got fried. (If it is, indeed, fried. Plugging it in didn’t even result in the power light turning on. That’s a bad sign, right?)

I hadn’t been able to connect until now, when a RoadRunner dude told me to connect my LAN directly into my computer, instead of through the switch. It was a “duh” moment (to try that before freaking out that some extraneous cord out in the wide, wild world had been purposely chopped up so that the girls and I could not have internet).

So. Unfortunately, my house’s main light is burnt out and I can’t change it because I am not 15′ tall. And I am not an acrobat. So it’s all dark and I’m rooting around behind my computer holding a flashlight with one hand and unplugging and re-plugging and pulling with the other. Obviously, now it all good. Except I think I need to buy a new switch, so Kristi and Ellie have no chance of getting internet on their computers. Though I guess they mostly use mine anyway. Oh, well.

My house is dark.

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