I’ve been busy.

Hello. There is a lot to do before things get all sorts of crazy at work/the University in about a week and a half. Some things I have to do are LIVE and see things and take photos that I don’t have time to love properly and drink wine. This means that I don’t have a great update for you.

But here is where I’ve been and what I’ve been knowin’:

Wednesday the 22nd: I rock’n’bowled for the Sound Unseen festival. I scored 54 points because I am not a good bowler, but it was tons of fun. Somewhere out there is a photo of my team of coworkers (Hell’s Bells) and The Alarmists. (Hey, I found it!)

Thursday the 23rd: I watched the first outdoor film for the Bell Museum‘s 2007 “Summer Sci-Fi Series”: Attack of the Giant Leeches (the photo is from pre-screening insect touching). It was very fun. You should attend the second film tomorrow night: The Killer Shrews.

Friday the 24th: I drove home to Vermillion, but forgot all of my clothes because I was just so excited to get out of the city. I had to stop and go shopping. (I didn’t mind too much.) I also sang some karaoke with some friends, Kelsey, Jen and Lindy.

Saturday the 25th: My mom’s supervisor, Andy, is turning 50 soon. So we had a “surprise” party for him all afternoon. Everyone drank a lot of beer. That night I joined Bridget, Lindy and Royce at Chae’s for dinner, then back to Royce (and Kelsey)’s house for a fun game of Payday.

Sunday the 26th: I drove back to Minneapolis, stopping to buy yarn and a book of Harry Potter knitting projects (Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel). I’m working on a Ravenclaw scarf (Prisoner of Azkaban style).

Monday the 27th: I knit while Ellipses curled around my legs. I didn’t think about anything except relaxing.

Last night: Rebecca and I turned what was supposed to be a quick dinner and creative night into a really elaborate dinner (pizza and salad with lots of stuff) and 4-hour Sex and the City marathon.

Tonight: I promise I’m going to do more photo work tonight. Though I really want to knit until my fingers fall off.

Tomorrow night: Killer Shrews at the Bell Museum!

Friday the 24th: Cousin Jamie is celebrating her 23rd birthday, so I’ll be getting lost somewhere in the ‘burbs to help her with that.

Saturday the 25th: I’m attending a farewell party for coworker, Sarah, as she prepares to head to Boston for graduate school. After that, I’ll be heading over to Club Underground to enjoy the musical stylings of Plastic Chord.

And so far I don’t have any more plans until September. I’m sure things will come up, though.

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