It’s been quite a week already.

Jenga in Game Design class

Considering I haven’t updated since last Thursday, I must pose the question: what on earth have I been doing?

Friday the 19th: I had intended to go out and be social, but I was so exhausted from being excited all week that Ellipses and I decided to go to bed early. Why is he only sleepy on nights that aren’t followed by busy days?

Saturday the 20th: I made Kristi watch me shop all day. It was awesome! I got three nice, new pairs of pants for about $80. Then I got Ellipses some cat food (he had been eating kitten food). I couldn’t decide which flavor my little man would like more, so I got both Salmon and Chicken. He seems apathetic.

That night I went over to Kristi’s apartment. We drank wine, ate dinner, and played Trivial Pursuit. Orion came over after a bit (with more wine), too. On our way out (we were using Orion’s vehicle to get me home), we stopped at the “pajama party” going on at Chang Bang (in the Global Market). Somehow I convinced Orion to stop for some dancing, and while we were dancing I networked with the DJ’s girlfriend. That was fun and I hope their efforts towards this weekly gig work out… I know I was having fun. (Plus my cousin who lives in the Midtown Exchange also caught me on his way back from a party—he was sober and I was dancing like a lunatic. Good times.)

Sunday the 21st: Brunch! This time Kristi and I decided to try the Dinkytowner (after hearing a rave review of their bloody mary’s). I wasn’t impressed with the bloodys, but I was ever so pleased that biscuits and gravy also come with hashbrowns! Somehow it was exactly what I wanted.

As we walked in to the joint, we ran into Seth and Compton. So we sat with them. Soon after our invasion, another friend of theirs showed up (they called him “Dirt”). Between the coffee and the bloodys that were going on around our table, we had a spectacularly hilarious time. I laughed so hard I cried AND I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. It was great!

Then Kristi and I had some hot cocoa at my house (during a couple episodes of Sex and the City). After she left, I spent the rest of the day telling myself that I should be reading for my classes.

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Today: It’s been a somewhat stressful week at work (though I did get a new computer!! hooray!!), and Ellipses doesn’t seem to like the concept of “bedtime”. I feel like I’m slacking a bit in my reading/comprehension for my classes and I need to find the motivation I had last week. It is somewhat difficult to get back into “real” school mode (after a semester of taking photos and messing around with websites, which was a fancy breeze to ride). I have to do some anonymous interviews this weekend, and I have to prepare a presentation in my game design class (which is awesome—the photo is of an amazing game of Jenga that my classmates played today). AND I have to stay on top of things at work. AND I’m having my graft done on Tuesday. AND I still have thank you notes to write. AND I have to find time to entertain Ellipses.

I know that these aren’t terrible things and I shouldn’t be complaining, but I’m feeling stressed this week. I can’t wait until brunch time rolls around again!

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