in which i tell you my problems for today

last night around 5:30, just after the cats decided i should not be napping anymore, i got a massive, vicious headache with auras. it was awful, y’all. once upon a time in early 2011 (i think) i had a string of tension headaches (sometimes with auras) for about a month or so, but none of them were as horrible as last night’s headache. i thought maybe it was a migraine?

it took about a half hour for the auras to go away, but the headache hung around for the rest of the night. my only home remedy options were ibuprofen, chocolate (caffeine, right?), and going to bed earlier than i have been lately. yet i still had the headache this morning.

so i decided to get real caffeine. however, other than a semi-weekly chai latte habit, i have not had real caffeine for at least two or three months. so i got a half-caf latte.

all morning since my head has felt like it’s floating but my vision makes me feel like i’m seeing the future and my brain still throbs (though seeing the future is helping to distract from the throbbing).

so clearly this is a tension headache. i hate these.

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