I’m 28 Today

So here I am, in Honolulu, and I already have way too many photos to share and stories to tell. I never got around to telling you about Adobe MAX or the MAX Bash or all the free crap I took home from L.A. last month. I got busy, but I still intend to tell you about these things.

But for now, I will just tell you that even though the ocean has been beating me up for the last two days, I am having such a supremely awesome vacation. I am happy to be with one of my best friends, Jen; I am happy to be getting multiple days of sunshine—it’s the summer that Minnesota missed this year; I am happy to sleep on this hard bed because I can hear tropical birds and see coconut trees and geckos on the wall and it is very amazing to be here.

Yesterday I saw a sea turtle, which was just about the coolest thing. Have you seen Finding Nemo? The turtles are the best part of that movie.

I miss everyone at home, but I have free wifi when I’m chilling at Jen’s apartment and I’m texting updates to Flickr and Twitter. I feel fairly connected, though the 4 hour time difference is just enough to make things awkward.

The wind is picking up now and the sun is setting a bit early today, but I think I’ve gotta grab my camera and go snap a couple more photos outside. Aloha!

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