I was collecting

The days passed like trains. I’d fly uptown to whatever temporary job would have me, and then downtown to class, then home to write my fingers down to stubs. I wasn’t making enough money, but I was making more that I ever had before. I wasn’t finding love, but I was finding more than I’d ever found before. Little scraps of it, in every person I met. Everyone had something to give me. Maybe I had something to give them, too. I hoped so. I was collecting. It seemed like my cup was starting to spill over, and so what if it wasn’t just from loving one person, but from loving all of them? Maybe I wouldn’t find everything I was looking for in one place, but the world was wider that I could have imagined, and everyone’s path seemed to lead to New York.

The Year of Yes, Maria Dahvana Headley

I really enjoyed this book — I laughed out loud several times!

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